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"I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow."


Hi! My name is Jordin and I am so happy you found us! I started Unica in 2016 after looking for invitations for my own wedding with no luck. I wanted something unique without completely breaking the bank and it just wasn’t happening. So, I ended up putting my Photoshop skills from back in the day to use. (I used to be really obsessed with Neopets and taught myself how to use most Adobe platforms when I was nine while listening to NOW 7 — hey, at least something good came out of it.) Anyway, I will be your right-hand through this whole designing process and cannot wait to work with you to generate designs that are absolutely perfect for the biggest day of your life!

What makes me smile:
watching Netflix with my husband; cuddling with my dogs, Quincy & Pumba; patio dates with margaritas & Justin Timberlake playing in the background; Christmas traditions with my family; finding the perfect typeface for a design; the feeling of exhaustion and accomplishment after a workout; the torn edge on handmade paper; “Grandma’s Kitchen” scent from Our Own Candle Company

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